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Q: Do Atkins Shakes need to be refrigerated?

Atkins shakes are packaged in Tetra Pak’s that allows even the most sensitive products (like our milk based shakes) to stay fresh up to 12 months without refrigeration. The cap on the Tetra Pak cuts through a foil seal when opened; therefore the shake is completely sealed until you are ready to consume it.

Do Atkins Shakes need to be refrigerated?

Q: How should I cook my frozen meal?

Follow the package directions while being mindful that microwave ovens do vary and can cook unevenly which can result in cold spot where bacteria can survive. Overcooking can cause the food to become tough or rubbery. We suggest cooking at the minimum amount of time, then heating in 30 second increments until the meal is heated through.

Q: Can I reuse the Atkins Frozen Meal tray?

The tray is not designed as a permanent container and should not be reused.