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Meet the Atkins Health Professionals

Elizabeth J. Parks, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Nutrition & Exercise Physiology Associate Director, Clinical Research Center Institute for Clinical Translational Science, University of Missouri

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Elizabeth Parks conducts research in the area of metabolism. Lecture topics include the regulation of body weight and effects of dietary macronutrients on blood lipid levels. Through studies of both transgenic mice and humans, her research is focused on understanding liver function and the many factors that alter it, including low-fat diets, alcohol, and the diseases of diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Using stable isotopes and gas chromatograph/mass spectroscopy, her lab provided the first definitive evidence on what can contribute to fatty liver in obese humans. Dr. Parks' current research studies are investigating how the brain, intestine and liver may communicate through the taste of fat to maintain energy balance and how the dysregulation of lipid metabolism in obesity leads to body-fat gain.