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Meet the Atkins Health Professionals

David W. Haslam, GP, MB, BS

Physician in Obesity Management, Luton & Dunstable Hospital Visiting Professor Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen Visiting Professor

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Professor David Haslam is a full time GP with a special interest in obesity and cardiometabolic disease, Physician in Obesity Management, Luton & Dunstable Hospital, and Chair of the National Obesity Forum (NOF). The NOF is a charity whose aim is to increase awareness of obesity, diabetes and weight related illness, and improve their management. It provides educational material for clinicians, and also works alongside the Government and the Department of Health. He is Visiting Professor, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen: Visiting Professor, Chester University, and is the Obesity Specialist at 76 Harley St. He is a Board Member of ESCO (Experts on Severe and Complex Obesity) and of the charity Foundations, a Director of PCOS UK, a member of the Counterweight Board, and a Visiting Lecturer at Beds & Herts Postgraduate Medical School. He has articles widely published in journals and papers and speaks internationally on obesity and related diseases. His books include ‘Fat Gluttony and Sloth, obesity in Art, Literature and Medicine’, and ‘The Obesity Epidemic, and its Management’, both 2010.